Human Centered Design/ User Experience Researcher


Animal Ventures is a small elite team of entrepreneurs, technology thought leaders, and developers working at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Industrial Internet of Things, and Additive Manufacturing. We work with Fortune 500 Companies and Government entities interested in educating senior executives on emergent technologies and leveraging our proprietary and lean prototyping processes to build and deploy minimum viable products for internal and external stakeholders.

AV is a small firm that values its slow and purposeful style of existence --our Animal Lifestyle. We believe in project-based entrepreneurship, relentless learning, exploration, and ideation. We are pioneering a new kind of operational model rooted in our own process of Sprint, Rest, Reflect, Fine Tune, and Sprint again. We are innovators and technology geeks to the core, and startup entrepreneurs through and through. We are frequently working on our own internal startups as spin-out opportunities beyond the scope of AV's traditional product and service lines. We partner with the best and deploy our most talented assets towards opportunities in something we call "The Decentralized Economy."

We are looking for a highly organized and motivated individual with exceptional time management skills to serve as a Human Centered Design/ User Experience Researcher contractor for a number of complex client-related projects. The Human Centered Design/ User Experience Researcher is responsible for leading all user research activities associated with prototypes.

This role will requires a Bachelor's degree with at least 5 years of experience in the field. Candidates should have experience with and be comfortable working as part of a dispersed team.

Key responsibilities include:


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